Shadowy Men

The three Shadowy Men albums are being reissued starting with Savvy Show Stoppers in June of 2012 and the other two following as they're ready. To celebrate the release, Shadowy Men have been making their first live appearances in almost 20 years. Don Pyle and Brian Connelly are joined by Dallas Good of The Sadies (and formerly Don and Reid's bandmate in Phono-Comb). The band has been playing occasional shows since then. Details are on the 2012 ...and beyond) page. Savvy Show Stoppers was released on vinyl and as a download from the Mammoth Cave Recording Co..

Mammoth Cave has also released the latest single in their Bloodstains series with the Bloodstains Across Ontario seven-inch. The single features a never-before-heard Shadowy Men track called "Foreign/Aft". In an interview with Exclaim!, Shadowy Men's Don Pyle explains, "It's kind of two pieces reconstructed to make one -- including a 'hardcore' song that [bassist] Reid [Diamond] sings!"

Go to Mammoth Cave to order the seven-inch or to download immediately.

Don Pyle

Don's current project is the new band Black Heel Marks that has Don teaming up with two members of Girl Trouble. He's also got a single out with Dallas Good as The Filthy Gaze Of Europe.

Don also recently had a photography exhibit called "Trouble In The Camera Club" showing at The Beaver in Toronto.

Post-Shadowy Men, Don was part of Phono-Comb and Greek Buck.

He's also worked with Phono-Comb's Beverly Breckenridge's band Fifth Column, Dallas Good's band The Sadies, King Cobb Steelie, and a host of others. See the Guest Appearances page for details.

Brian Connelly

Brian's band, Atomic 7, has three albums out now. They're all available (along with the Atomic 7 single) at Atomic 7 Brand Ladies Shoes.

He's also got a band called Ancient Chinese Secret that does instrumental covers of old country songs, music by guys like Connie Smith, Lefty Frizzell, Charlie Rich, Robert Mitchum, and so on.

Prior to that, Brian was in the Heatseekers (who released one split single). Brian also worked with Bruce McCulloch (from The Kids In The Hall) both on his albums (Shame-Based Man and Drunk Baby Project) as well as his one man play "Slightly Larger Cities". If that isn't enough, he's also worked as one of Neko Case's "Boyfriends". See the Guest Appearances page for details.

Reid Diamond

After Phono-Comb, Reid had a new band called Danny and Reid's Motion Machine. They were a duo that played with Super-8 films backing them (sometimes writing to fit an existing film, sometimes making a film to fit the song). No recordings that I'm aware of. Reid also did work in the visual arts.

Sadly, Reid passed away on February 17, 2001. Click here for more info.