Big news. REALLY big news. Shadowy Men and The Sadies are headed to Lee's Palace in Toronto for two nights (Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16) with more guests to be announced for each night. Saturday the 16th is also Record Store Day, which will mark the release of the new box set, Oh, I Guess We Were A Fucking Surf Band After All. Details are on the News page.

Korean Jeans' drums & tuba cover album of Savvy Show Stoppers is available to preorder and listen on Bandcamp. While you're there, you can also check out a Shadowy Men/Psyche mash-up from a Psyche tribute album.

The new Black Heel Marks album Feel Free is out now.
You can order it from the band at the Black Heel Marks Mega-Mall.

Atomic 7's latest, ... Something For The Girl With Everything, is now available from Atomic 7's web page, Atomic 7 Brand Ladies Shoes.

Shadowy Men have official pages on Facebook and Bandcamp, and a channel on YouTube.