Shadowy Men appeared at the SHAME edition of Vazaleen at Wrongbar, June 29, 2014. The show was a benefit for the Will Munro Memorial Queers Living With Cancer fund. You can now see a few pictures from the show as well as the set list.

September Thursdays at The Dakota Tavern September 21 at The Garrison
Shadowy Men appeared each Thursday in September at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto. In addition to the Thursday shows, Shadowy Men and The Sadies reprised their performance of Alice Cooper's Love It To Death on Saturday, September 21 at The Garrison in Toronto. Video from the 1st and 4th Dakota show along with the Garrison show are on the 2012 ... and beyond page.

The new Black Heel Marks album Feel Free is out now.
You can order it from the band at the Black Heel Marks Mega-Mall.

The classic Savvy Show Stoppers has been reissued on vinyl by Mammoth Cave Records. It's limited to 1000 copies, and downloads are available as well.

Mammoth Cave has also released the latest single in their Bloodstains series with the Bloodstains Across Ontario seven-inch. The single features a never-before-heard Shadowy Men track called "Foreign/Aft". Go to Mammoth Cave to order the seven-inch or to download it immediately. In an interview with Exclaim!, Shadowy Men's Don Pyle explains, "It's kind of two pieces reconstructed to make one -- including a 'hardcore' song that [bassist] Reid [Diamond] sings!"

Atomic 7's latest, ... Something For The Girl With Everything, is now available from Atomic 7's web page, Atomic 7 Brand Ladies Shoes.

Shadowy Men have official pages on Facebook and Bandcamp, and a channel on YouTube.