Each of the three different formats has its own variation on the Savvy Show Stoppers cover art. The images below are the Glass LP, the Cargo LP, the Cargo CD, the Mammoth Cave LP, and the Cargo cassette. Clicking on the cassette cover will show you a blow-up of the cover folded out.

In addition, the LP version had two different back sides. One has a black and white picture left alone, and the other has the same picture tinted blue.

There are two different CD faces as well. Click on 'em to see 'em bigger.

The LP also came with a single-sheet insert which is very similar to some of the art on the CD jewel case insert, but not quite the same. Below is the font and back of the insert. Click on the pictures to see 'em bigger.

Ryan Preble sent along some scans of the label of a test pressing of the album. Very cool!