The following are mostly posters and flyers advertising live shows, but there's a few record announcements mixed in there too. As you probably know, Brian Connelly drew the artwork for the posters with the Shadowy Man on them. As you may not guess, he also drew the cartoon on the second Crash Kills Five concert poster below.

Many thanks to Dave O'Halloran, Don Pyle, Brian Parrish, Trista from, Ted James, Dallas Diamond, Alex Koch, Jeff Ott, Grant Diamond, James Booth, Rich Hagensen, Jim Sorenson, Forest Juziuk, Peter Hudson, Ashley Thomas, David Faris, Ryan Preble, and John Gannon for passing these on to me!

Shadowy Men Concert Posters

Shadowy Men New Release Posters

Crash Kills Five Concert Posters

Phono-Comb New Release Posters

Greek Buck New Release Posters

The Filthy Gaze Of Europe New Release Posters

Ancient Chinese Secret Concert Posters

Long Branch Concert Posters