So you've been buying (or scamming) loads of Beach Boys CD resissues and now you're ready to hear some lovable surf-pop resurface in a '90s band. Well, look no further than the shadowy grooves dished out by this land-locked Canadian trio, who let their watery imaginations go wild. Artfully combining some of your favorite riffs of the past with candy-coated melodies, these enigmatic men make shaking your bikini-clad hips and tossing your bobbed hair seem like the coolest thing since Sex Wax. Savvy Show Stoppers is a compilation LP culled from six instrumental 7-inchers released on the band's own Jetpac label, most of which garnered airplay on Canadian college radio. You may unknowingly be familiar with the Shadowy Men from their theme song and soundtrack for the cable TV comedy show Kids In The Hall; but in case you're not, here's your invitation to one helluva rockin' beach party. Wax that board while humming these: the spy theme "Good Cop Bad Cop," the chuckle of "Theme From T.V.," "Zombie Compromise," the slow, evil grooves of "Shake Some Evil." "Bennett Cerf," "Having An Average Weekend" and their covers of "Run Chicken Run" and "Harlem By The Sea."