Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

Three-member, five-year old instrumental rock group. Have released four records independently and their goal is to play in every Canadian province and territory!


1 section of newspaper (we suggest "careers" but "sports" is a good alternative)
2 cups warm water
1 cup all-purpose flour
chicken wire or cardboard

  1. Make a structure to apply your papier-mâché to: chicken wire is great for making a shape like a cactus or dinosaur and corrugated cardboard is best for rockets or Shadowy Men heads. Applied to your arm, it makes a great fake cast!
  2. Mix flour and water together in a large bowl to form a gooey paste. More or less of either ingredient can be added to obtain a workable consistency.
  3. Shred newspaper into long strips.
  4. Dip newspaper into flour/water mixture and apply strips to wire or cardboard structure, smoothing as you go. Apply two coats.
  5. Recipe can be repeated as many times as necessary for the object you are building.
  6. Let sculpture dry overnight.
  7. A third coat is recommended for greater sturdiness, but must be applied after the first two coats have dried.
  8. Now paint it!

NOTE: This is edible, but it tastes worse than creamed corn.