Note from the Shadowy Webmaster:

The day after after legendary Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone died, Don Pyle sent me this picture of himself with Johnny. I asked him when it was taken, what the story was, etc. His reply:

Hmmm, not sure what year - maybe 1988 or 89. Yes, we got to play three shows with the Ramones. When S Men started, Ramones were at a real low point, not able to sell out a 400 seat bar. We told local promoters that if the Ramones ever came back, they were who we most wanted to play with. By the time they came back 5 yrs later, they were starting to become "legendary" and since no one else wanted them when they were down, we got the slot opening their 3 night stint here before about 2500 people a night. very exciting for us. Reid took a great movie of them in the dressing room. We used some of his live footage from those shows in our video for "Memories Of Gay Paree". Of the ten or so people who saw that video, only one noticed that it was the Ramones - lots of dry ice!
We all loved them, even though Johnny was a righty Republican!