Note from the Shadowy Webmaster: The plain text version is going to probably be a lot easier to read. Just sayin'.

Around Christmas 1986, an "unsanctioned biography" of Shadowy Men by Skip Truant was published. This extremely short "biography", called The Songs All Sound The Same is a wonderful parody of a biography, intended as a joke.

None of the stuff in this is true. None of it. OK, well the names "Reid", "Brian" and "Don" really are the guys' names, but that's where the reality part ends. Everything else is a joke - it's basically a parody of the Sex Pistols early career.

You've got two ways to read The Songs All Sound The Same. You can click on the images to see a bigger image (that should be easier to read) of the or you can just read the text as is, but you'll be missing the neat cartoons which parody Brian's style.

Many thanks to Grant Diamond for passing this my way.