Since I never get asked to contribute to anyone's Top 10 list, I decided to just do my own, and was the perfect place to debut it. But why stop at 10? The 90's were when Gearhead magazine was conceived (in 1991 actually) first published (1993) and thrived through right until the end, with the release of #10 in September 1999. So I figured a look back over the greatest 100 records of the decade was appropriate. While the decisions made here were often sentimental ones, no records were picked out of any sense of obligation or loyalties to musician friends or record labels. This list is all about the music. It's my hope that if you see a record on this list that you have already dismissed as "crap", you'll still read my reasons for choosing it. You never know, it just may change (or open!) your mind a bit. Likewise, if I bring to light a few records that were teetering on the edge of wallowing in obscurity during this process, that's great too. It should be noted that this list covers the years 1990-1999 only. Too bad in a way, because 2000 proved to be an amazing year musically, but you'll just have to wait until 2009 to see the list of which records are considered classics by then.

Mike Lavella


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