Atomic 7 band photo

After Heatseekers broke up, Brian started Atomic 7. Brian currently splits his time between Atomic 7, his side project Ancient Chinese Secret, and working with Neko Case & Her Boyfriends.

Atomic 7's official home page is at

sixth (and current) lineup:

NOTE: This is the lineup for … Something For The Girl With Everything. Brian said in an interview on CFRU radio that this lineup made its debut on October 6, 2005 at a show in Guelph. Brad and Mark are also in The Rizdales, who opened for Atomic 7 at that show. In the picture, it's Brian, Brad, and Mark from left to right.

fifth lineup:

NOTE: This is the lineup for the June 3, 2005 show mentioned in this article. The rhythm section is on loan from the opening act, The Black Coffee Cowboys. Richie also played drums with S Men fans Huevos Rancheros.
Atomic 7 band photo

fourth lineup:

NOTE: This is the lineup for … en Hillbilly Caliente.
Atomic 7 band photo

third lineup:

NOTE: This is the lineup for … Gowns By Edith Head.

second lineup:

first lineup:

NOTE: This lineup recorded the "She's Got Haggar Party Slacks" single. And yes, Sadies fans, that's Sean Dean from the Sadies. Sean left because he couldn't devote the time to Atomic 7.