Logan's Pub has become quite reputable for it's intimate atmosphere (a polite term for strict capacity regulations) and though the audience was small - the enthusiasm was high and the anticipation was solid to see Atomic 7 - (Ex Shadowy Man) Brian Connelly's latest project in support of their second release 'En Hillbilly Caliente'.

It was a little odd to see the stage without a single microphone, but when Atomic 7 break out into their first song, Connelly's guitar spoke for itself. Both guitar aficionados and the musically illiterate alike seemed mesmerized by the speed, precision and range that the lead guitarist delivered.

The set list jumped from musical odes to the late Esquivel to rich textured 60's style spy themes to Spaghetti western surf tunes that could make The Sadies blush.

By Jesse Ladret
Photos Courtesy of Bill Stuart