Gig O' The Week

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet


Those familiar with the instrumental soundscapes of Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - known for their theme song to the Kids In The Hall TV program - will want to be at Sudsy Malone's for the local debut of Phono-Comb. The Canadian quartet features ex-Shadowy Men Don Pyle and Reid Diamond and continues in the no-vocal vein of their former group, though taking the surf guitar-based sound further into outer space. The group's debut, Fresh Gasoline, produced by Steve Albini and recently released by Touch and Go/Quaterstick Records, is a valiant artistic expression of celestial yearning and throbbing angst. With this release and a North American tour with the legendary Jad Fair, these first-class instrumentalists seem the best bet for teaching the whole world that a tight string and drums combo says more than most without even opening their mouths.

At Sudsy Malone's on Tuesday.

CityBeat, Issue 3, Vol. 2; Nov. 21-26, 1996

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