Lounging in Surf Cosmos

The Band from Planet-X

I think I missed the first 15 minutes of their set. What I did see was quite impressive. The guitar player and vocalist layed down some excellent riffs that night. They played a very vocal oriented style of surf rock. For this one I sat at the far said of the room with a post obstructing a good part of my view. I don't know why I'm mentioning this at all… You do realize these aren't supposed to be serious concert reviews right?

Atomic 7

Brief history. Atomic 7 is Brian Connelly of Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet on guitar with a new rhythm section. They played a good hour of really layed back but sometimes nasty surf guitar. The perfect sound for the very relaxed and soft colour soaked Starlight Lounge. The audience was suprisingly quiet which brought forth every advantage of the excellent sound we were blessed with. They played a lot of cuts from their two albums "Gowns By Edith Head" and "en Hillbilly Caliente" with a few covered mixed in including the "Midnight Cowboy Theme." There bassist played a big Gibson electric that had a big sound which could almost be mistaken for an upright in some places. It is definitely one thing that really stood out for me in that show. Mike also played a Gibson hollowbody and did a few songs on the electric slide guitar as well. No vocals. No microphones. Place was so freakin quiet that you could hear the band talking in between sets. It's great when you can go to shows that have lots of people and lots of energy from the audience. But, it's also great when you have a handful of people that really want to be there.. and the atmosphere is perfect to simply sit and enjoy the sounds. This was one of those nights. It's too bad basic economics will never allow it to be a consistent reality. Thankfully we have stereos…. and annoyed neighbours… Which reminds me: I picked up both their albums at the merch table.