On January 1, 1996, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet announced they had split up via this "shabby form letter" from Don Pyle.


Hey folks,

If you're getting this shabby form letter, chances are pretty good that you wrote to us a long time ago and either paid us for stuff or asked for our catalogue. I'll tell you what's been up. Last year we did a crapload of music and projects for a variety of things including the soundtrack to Mina Shum's film Double Happiness, some touring, writing an albums worth of songs with Jad Fair and finishing the final year of the Kids In The Hall TV series. We took a year off to do all the things that we didn't have time to do over the ten short years of our existence to that point. After the year, we did some recordings with Fred Schneider (the singer guy of the B-52's) co-ordinated and produced by our pal Steve Albini (who recorded our third album, Sport Fishin'). We did 7 songs and they should be out on his album (tentatively titled Just Fred) around March. Not long after that (just a couple of weeks ago), we decided it was time to put the baby to sleep, we've decided to split up. We've pretty much done everything we can do together barring group sex so have decided to go in our own directions, more or less. Brian is now playing with The Heatseekers and Reid and I have a new group called PHONO-COMB. PHONO-COMB have recorded the songs we wrote with Jad. They'll be out on Shake Records of Montreal in March or April as well as a 7" single on our own Touch And Go Records of Chicago around the same time.

That's all folks, thanks for listening.

XOX Don Pyle

As of 2012, Shadowy Men are back (with Dallas Good helping out). Details of the reunion are on the 2012 … and beyond page