This page covers Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet music that has never been released on record, tape, or compact disc. Unless I hear otherwise (and I will keep my ears open), I'm assuming we may never see a release of this material. What a shame.

These titles are taken from various sources, and credited as such below. Some of these could be different titles for the same songs (or early versions of released songs), but I don't know for sure. Except for known covers, I'm assuming all of these are Shadowy Men originals. If you know otherwise, let me know. Thanks!


Background music from The Kids In The Hall

Apart from "Having An Average Weekend", I remember hearing "We'll Be Right Back!" as part of the filler music on the show. However, the versions were definitely different than the LP versions. I assume the Shadowy Men recorded 'em specifically for the show. That material has never come out on record, tape or CD (at least that I'm aware of). In addition, only one of the songs where they back Bruce McCulloch has shown up ("Daves I Know" on Shame-Based Man). The version of "Having An Average Weekend" used on the show is available on Television's Greatest Hits Volume 7: Cable Ready.

The Truth About J.F.K.

Shadowy Men did one of their theme shows (probably in 1987) that they called "The Truth About J.F.K." They shot a Super-8 movie with a reconstructed set of Dealey Plaza and Kennedy motorcade, and showed it before they played. Reid narrates the story over the silent film and presents an alternate theory on the events of the day that involve spilled ketchup and a practical joke gone awry.