Reissues available NOW (CD, LP, and digital)

Available now on Yep Roc.

CD, LP, and digital available now.

You can order here through Deep Eddy Records.

Need I say more?

The tour is over, but you can check out some photography from Mel Anthony [@manthphoto] (Seattle), Phil Tiki (Pioneertown), and Shawn Nagy (Los Angeles).

Want video? See the links at 2012 …and beyond.

And if you really want a treat, you can watch the whole* Pioneertown show thanks to Phil Tiki: Part one (15:50), Part two (15:50), and Part three (23:11). The video was shot in 4K and it looks amazing!

Details on the new box set (Oh, I Guess We Were A Fucking Surf Band After All…) are here! And the box set teaser video is a MUST SEE.

Derek von Essen has a cool new book about the Toronto Underground music scene (including Shadowy Men) coming out in May. Learn more about the book at the official Facebook page.

Don Pyle's new band, Long Branch, released their debut single on February 14. Check it out on Long Branch's Bandcamp page.

Don Pyle's soundtrack for Portrait Of A Serial Monogamist was released on January 9. Check it out on Don Pyle's Bandcamp page.

Korean Jeans' drums & tuba cover album of Savvy Show Stoppers is available to preorder and listen on Bandcamp.

Atomic 7's latest, … Something For The Girl With Everything, is now available from Atomic 7's web page, Atomic 7 Brand Ladies Shoes.

Shadowy Men have official pages on Facebook and Bandcamp, and a channel on YouTube.